About Curtis

For a gifted Singer-Songwriter born in Tampa, Florida, music has encompassed Curtis’ life from birth. As the son of gospel singers that traveled the southern Bible belt region sharing their gift of song, Curtis found his true love—singing. At the age of 11, Curtis was one of few lead singers in the youth choir at Friendship MB Church. Performing, writing, arranging, recording, producing, and loving.

At age 13, Curtis moved to Rochester NY, and really developed his voice, often sitting in on rehearsals with the Jordan Gospel Singers. During that time, it was determined that Curtis had a knack for writing songs. With his acquired skills in tow, Curtis returned to Tampa, Florida, and became a part of the music ministry at Living Faith Assembly of God. It was at Living Faith where Curtis received the foundation of the faith he professes today.

Upon graduation from high school, Curtis was offered a full-time job traveling as a backup singer for Stanley Burrell a.k.a. MC Hammer. But he was denied that privilege by his parents, fearing he was too naïve for the music business. Instead, he matriculated at the prestigious Florida A&M University and was a member of the Famed FAMU Gospel Choir, headed up by Prince J.D. Olde’s. Curtis notes this as one of the best times of his singing life. Curtis was a part of two groups, Push Play and I’dyll, while studying at FAMU. Curtis moved to Atlanta in 1997 to submerge himself in the booming industry culture.

Today Curtis is a Singer-Songwriter for Some Mystique Music in Atlanta, fulfilling his destiny as a part of the recording industry. With his many musical inspirations like John P Kee, Babyface, and Brian McKnight, he has matured into his own unique styling and sound.

Eating, drinking, sleeping, and living with music. With his very first single charting, his parents are surely looking down from heaven smiling, because music is all he knows.

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