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MatTea Vocal Luxury Elixir


Some Mystique Music is proud to be a part of the MatTea movement. The MatTea song “The Best In Me MatTea” was written and produced by Brian Cosby featuring Sonya McGuire in the MatTea commercials, advertisements and website.

“Writing and producing the MatTea song was easy when the product is something you truly believe in. MatTea really does bring out the best in those who “Can’t afford not to be heard.” There’s not one vocalist I’ve recommended it to that did not fall in love with it.” — Brian Cosby

MatTea is a premiere company that provides exclusive products and services for ALL THINGS VOCAL. The companies first and most popular product is called "Vocal Luxury", an elixir designed to sooth the throat, rejuvenate the vocal cords and bring clarity to the voice “When You Can't Afford Not To Be Heard!"

All MatTea products are FDA registered products. The laboratory also has all the required certifications essential for a proper nutritional manufacturing facility. The facility is nearly new and state of the art. There are very few companies out there that pays attention to the critical details of each and every component required to manufacture a quality product.

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