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Marcus Gresham.

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What is an artist? One who expresses or applies human creative skill and imagination, producing works to be appreciated primarily for their beauty or emotional power. Marcus Gresham is defined by that definition. His new single, This Could Be, is his canvas and emotionally captivating debut, delivering a rich, unique and smooth vocal sound that gives way to the power of the story.

An Atlanta native, Marcus began singing at the age of four and continued from elementary school to college. His vocal fusion is a result of his Gospel, R&B and Classical musical roots. From the chorus, to the choir, to classical vocal training and award winning performances in college, he has managed to cultivate his unique sound and ability to interpret and deliver the soul of a song. “Singing and music is sanity, it is the calm in the eye of the storm.” There have been many musical moments along the path to the development of the artist Marcus Gresham. One of those defining moments Marcus remembered. “When my great grandmother Nannie Jones who had Alzheimer’s could not remember my name but ask me if I was still singing and told me I had to keep singing. That moment validated that my gift was good enough, it had made a lasting impression in someone’s life, and I knew I belonged behind the mic.”

“Behind the mic is where I am able to express the intimate parts of myself that are usually carefully tucked away.” “My desire is to be a part of music that is timeless, music that if you put it in a time castle many years later, whoever listens will feel it.” While patiently waiting he continued to develop his skills vocally and as a song writer. Eventually he reconnected with writer producer Brian Cosby of Some Mystique Music who needed a vocalist for a product jingle. During that process Cosby informed Marcus that he had written and produced a song that would be perfect for him. After completion of the jingle the two began recording the single and developing the important chemistry needed to give a record its foundation. Up to the challenge Marcus gave all of himself to the creative process as evidenced with the results.

Marcus Gresham’s thought of life and music is that they should both be parallel and driven by authenticity. This will be the foundation and creative approach to each step taken in his musical journey. This Could Be, what a fitting title to his first musical release that is a preview of what can be in the musical world of Marcus Gresham. Currently Marcus is busy making his introduction to the world, performing, recording and putting pen to paper in preparation for future releases and writing for other artist.

image of Marcus Gresham
image of Marcus Gresham
image of Marcus Gresham