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After dwelling in the shadows as a ghost writer and producer, it is time to put a face with the melodies and lyrical content loved by so many.  From R&B and Gospel, to Hip Hop, Jazz, Country, and Dance, his musical and vocal arrangements have highlight his unique talent in the industry.

From an empty canvas without sound to a completed work of art he shares pieces of his soul, possessing the ability to provide clients with every necessary component needed to complete a desired project.

As an Atlanta native and son of a classically trained vocalist, music has always been a part of his life. Cosby takes great pride in witnessing the city he loves continue to be a musical powerhouse and home of some of the most talented people in the industry.

Some Mystique Music was founded by writer, producer, Brian Cosby in his hometown of Atlanta Georgia.  The company consist of two subsidiaries; Some Mystique Music — Publishing and Some Mystique Music — Productions.  Some Mystique Music — Publishing is a part of BMI, a performing rights organization.  Cosby and Some Mystique Music were awarded best song in a competition judged by industry professionals, identifying him and the company as a definite talent in the industry.  In 1996, Cosby wrote and produced a song that was performed during the Olympics hosted in Atlanta.  The company continues to grow developing other gifted writers, producers, and vocalists.

“When it’s all said and done, I’d like to be remembered as a writer who had something to say, something that had meaning and value to people.  Remembered as a crafter of songs.” — Brian Cosby

Latest Release.

Some Mystique Music proudly announces the Debut single release and video of recording artist Marcus Gresham.  “This Could Be”, the first single and video release of this talented vocalist is a great introduction to those who are not familiar with his gifts.  The release is available for purchase at all major and other digital outlets including iTunes, Amazon and Google Play. Physical copies if the CD can be purchased and direct shipped from